02 Mar 2015

The Group was commissioned by Penrith City Council to develop a Destination Management Plan for Penrith. The DMP was developed to consolidate and build the visitor economy, with the anticipated outcome of enabling all stakeholders, at all levels of government and private investors, to have a clear view of the tourism investment opportunities and requirements in the Penrith LGA.

A number of initiatives were developed in close consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including State and Local Government, tourism industry operators and the general community.

The DMP in particular identified the potential to capitalise on the growing number of professional adventure tourism operators within the Penrith LGA and synergies which could be formed with the Blue Mountains region.

01 Mar 2015

The Group was commissioned by Creative Waikato to develop a 30 year Creative Facilities Plan for the Waikato region in New Zealand.

The objective of the Plan was to paint a clear picture of existing arts facilities and infrastructure in the region, identify sector needs, provide gap analysis and deliver a clear direction for future arts infrastructure development requirements.

As part of this project, The Group developed a detailed audit of over 500 individual creative infrastructure assets throughout the Waikato, including facilities at a local, sub-regional, regional, national and international level.

01 Mar 2015

The Stafford Group was commissioned by the State Government of Sabah to develop the North West Coast Master Plan.

The Master Plan scope included the Kota Marudu and Kudat regions (Sabah, Malaysia) and provided significant new economic potential for the northern tip of Borneo.

Initiatives identified through the Master Plan included a new airport, 30 mid- range to high end hotel and resort development sites, a new coastal ferry service and the introduction of marinas. Included was the preservation and development of cultural tourism. The total development identified through the master plan was valued at US$6.5b.

27 Feb 2015

The Group has been commissioned by the Australian Trade Commission to undertake the development of a tourism employment plan for Canberra in order to deliver a series of practical strategies designed to assist the tourism and hospitality industry to alleviate labour and skills issues.

27 Feb 2015

The Stafford Group was commissioned by Devonport Business Association (DBA) to undertake the development of a Branding and Tourism Growth Strategy. The Strategy covered the total area covered under the DBA’s scope boundaries.

The Strategy was developed to create a dedicated destination brand for Devonport and to integrate this brand with a tourism strategy which identifies sustainable opportunities for maximising visitor returns and yields, whilst at the same time, maintaining the values and needs of the local Devonport community.

Particularly, the Strategy needed to address the sustainability and commercial viability of businesses within the Business Improvement District, reflected in flat pedestrian traffic and low average spend levels of locals and visitors.

29 May 2014

The Group was engaged by Hawkesbury City Council to prepare a Tourism Strategy focused on the likely future directions and trends for tourism in the Hawkesbury LGA and to develop a management framework to guide Council’s activities in its tourism program over the next 5 – 10 years.

29 May 2014

Somerset Regional Council commissioned The Group to develop a Destination Management Plan and a Destination Marketing Brand for the Somerset region. The DMP provided recommendations for both product development and marketing/branding initiatives to help grow Somerset’s tourism offering in a sustainable manner and to deliver benefits to local tourism businesses and the wider local community.

02 Mar 2014

The Group was commissioned by Redlands City Council to update its 2010 – 2014 Tourism Strategy for the period 2015 – 2020. The Redlands LGA includes the Redlands mainland, the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, North Stradbroke Island as well as Coochiemudlo Island.

As part of this, The Group also had to develop a robust 5 year Action Plan to support the Tourism Strategy. A key requirement of the action plan was that it contain realistic and implementable actions (both in their time frame and budget).

01 Mar 2014

The Stafford Group was commissioned to develop a 3-5 Year Promotion and Marketing Strategy for the Leichhardt LGA. The Strategy needed to cover a range of initiatives, including place making, branding and high street revitalisation within the LGA. Importantly, the Strategy had to assist in promoting and developing the LGA as a sustainable, liveable and connected community.


01 Mar 2013

The Stafford Group was engaged by the East Coast Regional Tourism Organisation to develop a Destination Management Plan for the East Coast region in Tasmania. The East Coast region covers from Orford in the south, up to St Helens in the North.

The DMP developed followed the ARTN guidelines for best practice destination management but also included a number of additional steps to ensure the DMP was tailored specifically for the East Coast region.

The DMP provided a range of recommendations for both product development and marketing initiatives to help grow the East Coast tourism industry in a sustainable manner.